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Jul 27, 2021

Why is it more challenging to receive than give?

Today's topic focuses on how to help us receive more and remove the blocks that are stopping us from growing in our businesses and our lives. We are dialing into the topic of receiving. Receiving is one of those things that nobody talks about, but it is one of the biggest...

Jul 20, 2021

Living a spiritually attuned life can come with challenges – are you ready to overcome them?

As a "reformed attorney," Michelle Welch is the co-owner of three SoulTopia Holistic  Boutiques in the Dallas, Metroplex area, and co-host of SoulWhat Podcast.

As a psychic  medium, medical intuitive, and energy worker,...

Jul 13, 2021

Today is all about how to minimize overwhelm in five minutes or less. Step number one is to give yourself the gift of a big open page. Now, it's time to do a brain dump! Write down everything that is in your brain and everything that you need to do. Now, look at the list and identify the top three to four priorities....

Jul 6, 2021

For today’s episode, Ben joins me on the podcast to talk about how our strengths and weaknesses as we were younger have evolved and developed through our work as entrepreneurs today. 


We share about what school was like for each of us, the pressure we did (or didn’t feel), and how understanding our differences has...