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Jul 6, 2021

For today’s episode, Ben joins me on the podcast to talk about how our strengths and weaknesses as we were younger have evolved and developed through our work as entrepreneurs today. 


We share about what school was like for each of us, the pressure we did (or didn’t feel), and how understanding our differences has allowed us to be more mindful of how our daughter Anni learns and why it’s so important to celebrate her exactly where she’s at. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • Ben joins me on the podcast today [ :40 ]
  • Assessing our strengths in life and business [ 2:20 ]
  • What it’s like to not be weighed down by other’s opinions [ 9:00 ]
  • Understanding how our patterns affect us in our business [ 18:00 ]
  • How Ben’s patterns affect how he operates as an entrepreneur today [ 22:30 ]


Soul-Shifting Quotes:

  • “Doing things just to do them was not very exciting for me.” - Ben
  • “It’s really important for us as parents to be dialed in on what’s happening for our daughter.” - Amber
  • “We have to look at these parts of our stories to see where these roots grow from.” - Amber
  • “I just need my life to reflect my values.” - Amber


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