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Apr 30, 2019

  Sadie Lincoln.png  

Are you looking for loyalty + community in business and life?

Today’s guest, Sadie Lincoln is the co-founder and CEO of barre3, a fitness company focused on teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. Starting in 2008 with the flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, barre3 has grown to include...

Apr 26, 2019


Have you ever had that moment where you don’t feel worthy of a conversation you have engaged yourself in?

It is Focus Friday, and we are diving into the silent self-sabotaging way that we are crushing our business growth.

Feeling like we are not good enough is keeping us from growth- period. If we weren’t using...

Apr 23, 2019

  Sarah Kucera.png  

Do you have a fire burning within? Well, most likely you are a Pitta according to Ayurveda healers. Not sure what that means? Listen to find out!

Today’s guest, Sarah Kucera, DC, CAP, has been championing healthy practices professionally for over a decade, and personally for her whole life. A licensed...

Apr 19, 2019


How do you believe in yourself in the face of overwhelming doubt?

In this week’s Focus Friday, and we are diving into the most fundamental and necessary value that we need on our journey, trust.

We don’t learn how to trust by following someone else’s instructions; we get there by creating our own.

In This...

Apr 16, 2019

  Kelly Roach.png  

Are you looking for economic empowerment + financial freedom?

Today’s guest, Kelly Roach, is a former NFL Cheerleader, health and fitness lover, mom- and she just might not be the typical business coach you come across.

Kelly has gained massive experience in the trenches,  handling hundreds of millions in assets...