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Aug 30, 2019

In today’s Focus Friday, I’m sharing with you the difference between a BIG vision, and a goal, why they’re both equally as important… and how they work in co-creative harmony to serve on another. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • The difference between “big visions” and “goals” [ 4:05 ]

  •  What it...

Aug 27, 2019

James Wedmore is a master when it comes to helping people understand how to leverage the power of online video and YouTube marketing to reach more people, share their message, and convert more customers.

James made a massive shift to focus on a big gap missing in the marketplace: the mindset needed for entrepreneurship....

Aug 23, 2019

Time is the one thing that keeps on ticking no matter what we do, and I don’t think I’m alone when I say this: we waste a lot of it! Are you wondering how to stop wasting time and making the most of it instead?

In this week’s Focus Friday, I share why I believe that the number one thing that is slowing us down in...

Aug 20, 2019

Today’s guest, the one and only Carrie Green, is a total rockstar when it comes to understanding how to turn our limiting beliefs into momentous energy that can (and will) build a booming empire. 

Carrie Green is Founder and CEO of the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA), author of the international bestseller, She...

Aug 16, 2019

In this week’s Focus Friday, I’m inviting each and every one of  us to live in the NOW.

Life unfolds in this. very. moment; however, how often do we let the present slip away from us?

I share my own personal story about how I catch myself imagining losing my beloved cat, even though he is sitting right on my lap....