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Apr 26, 2019


Have you ever had that moment where you don’t feel worthy of a conversation you have engaged yourself in?

It is Focus Friday, and we are diving into the silent self-sabotaging way that we are crushing our business growth.

Feeling like we are not good enough is keeping us from growth- period. If we weren’t using our business as a leveraging tool to prove our worth, then we could get busy doing the stuff that makes it more fun + lights us up.

This week’s episode is an invitation to make the decision to step forth on the path + take courageous action.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • My own thoughts of unworthiness [ 3:10 ]

  • What it means to mentally blacking out [ 4:40 ]

  • Where are we not showing up fully present? [ 6:05 ]

  • How to unearth the blocks + get in alignment [ 9:50 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “People don’t come to the work healed. They come to work thinking this will fix them or save them.”

  • “That deeply seeded underling of unworthiness is keeping you from sharing your actual gifts with the world.”

  • “When you don’t show up present, then you can’t actually serve.”

  • “We unearth whatever has kept us stuck and release it.”

  • “Build the business that will make the biggest impact, income, and create the biggest influence.”

  • “We’ve got one shot, now is the time! Let’s stop waiting for someone else to tell us our worth.”

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