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Apr 27, 2018

I was out for a walk with my daughter the other day, when straight out of the mouth of a babe came a lesson that literally stopped me dead in my tracks.

In today’s Focus Friday, I share that lesson with you in hopes that it’s your time to learn it as well, and that you can become ready to receive all of the gifts...

Apr 24, 2018

Nothing has been more instrumental in the expansion and awakening of my own soul than the love of the women in my sacred tribe. I am so honored to say that today’s guest, Lori Harder, is one of those women.

Lori Harder isn’t just an expert in all things fitness, transformation, mindfulness and self love- she is also...

Apr 20, 2018

Anyone can make a dream come to life; but there is a distinct difference between the people who do and the people who don’t- one commits, while the other decides to quit.

I get that it may be easier said than done, or that so many beliefs and patterns stand in the way of you committing to that great big dream of yours-...

Apr 17, 2018

If you’re looking for a conversation to shake up and wake up that soul of yours, you’re in the right place- today’s episode is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended).

I sat down with my amazing soul brother and fellow Greatness Masterminder, Dr. Michael DiMarco and we played “soul tennis” over the course...

Apr 13, 2018

In today’s short but sweet Focus Friday, I break down an equation for you to utilize in every aspect of your LIFE to not only magnetize more of what you want in your business, but in your relationships, physical body, bank account and more.

If you’re not sure how to do that, if you’re feeling stuck where you are...