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Apr 27, 2018

I was out for a walk with my daughter the other day, when straight out of the mouth of a babe came a lesson that literally stopped me dead in my tracks.

In today’s Focus Friday, I share that lesson with you in hopes that it’s your time to learn it as well, and that you can become ready to receive all of the gifts that this life has in store for you.

Besides, couldn’t we all use a little divinely inspired wisdom from the 4-year-old guru’s of the world every now and again, anyway?


  • The real life lesson I learned from my little girl [ 4:25 ]

  • What her own belief taught me about my own [ 7:15 ]

  • A reminder for you in the moments you decide to be courageous [ 8:35 ]


  • “This human experience is really about following our joy; appreciating what’s here, and making space for what’s on it’s way.”

  • “All the things that are in your vortex are on their way to you- now.”

  • “The point of life is play, and joy, and celebration; and when I am in the space of trusting it and expecting it- the opportunities flow like a faucet.”


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