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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Apr 24, 2018

Nothing has been more instrumental in the expansion and awakening of my own soul than the love of the women in my sacred tribe. I am so honored to say that today’s guest, Lori Harder, is one of those women.

Lori Harder isn’t just an expert in all things fitness, transformation, mindfulness and self love- she is also leading a world-shifting charge on the forefront of womanhood and tribe. Her new book, A Tribe Called Bliss, drops May 8th, and is a gift and an invitation to do meaningful work and have the real conversations that will bring, love, support and soul-filled human connection into your world in a massive way.

Be sure to listen all the way through so you can hear Lori’s offer to give YOU a free copy of her new book!


  • Today’s guest, Lori Harder [ 4:08 ]

  • Building relationships on a deeper level [ 7:08 ]

  • What lead Lori to becoming the woman she is today [ 9:05 ]

  • How Lori talks herself through moments of doubt and fear [ 13:50 ]

  • Questions to ask yourself in moments of anxiety [ 18:30 ]

  • How to find your way and your tribe [ 25:30 ]

  • How to walk through the challenging moments of growth in our businesses/personal life [ 32:00 ]

  • Where was the seed planted for “A Tribe Called Bliss”, and why NOW [ 35:45 ]

  • #TribeTrustIssues; how to learn how to trust our tribes [ 42:49 ]

  • A SURPRISE from Lori! [ 55:35 ]


  • “We can either empower ourselves with the stories we’re telling, or we disempower- and that’s the choice at all times.”

  • “By us feeling bad, we don’t help the people that we’re meant to help. You have to free yourself first.”

  • “It’s not about who you’re connected to, it’s about how you’re feeling in your life. If you feel fully supported by the people around you to be so fully you, you won’t need to be around a certain person for things to happen.”

  • “We get really caught up in thinking we have to be someone else, instead of focusing on what it would look like if we could show up being fully us.”

  • “When I didn’t have a tribe outside of my tribe, I either thought I had to stick to the life that I was already in, or I had to be isolated and alone trying to achieve a different life.”

  • “You have to build a tribe that’s either in support of the next level, or already at the next level.”


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