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Nov 29, 2019

Have you found a balance between hustling and self-care yet? 

In today’s Focus Friday, I discuss the deep-seated issues with buying in to both self-care AND hustle culture. The amazing women I support and speak to every day are continually getting in the crosshairs of these two… and this is my invitation to stop...

Nov 26, 2019

In today’s episode, I am sharing a mini-coaching session with you through my 4-part process to help you connect even deeper in to understanding your past and integrating it with your biggest vision for your life.

I addressed the importance of making peace with our pain head-on in order to transcend the stories that...

Nov 22, 2019

Have you ever found yourself worrying so much about the outcome that you can’t just enjoy the journey? 

In this week’s Focus Friday I’m looking back at this time last year when I was right in the middle of my home expansion project- one that felt way harder than I ever anticipated it would. 

A year later, I’ve...

Nov 19, 2019

Today’s guest, uncompromising + inspired business coach who believes it’s ALL possible, Jenny Shih, says we can make money doing the work we love- while also living a life we love. Jenny is an insightful, intuitive, strategic planner with a passion for efficiency and systems.

Jenny started out in corporate America,...

Nov 15, 2019

Do you wake up and feel like you are carrying a massive weight on your shoulders? 

In today’s Focus Friday, I discuss the haunting sense of pressure I used to have every day of my life.  Whether it’s pressure from ourselves or pressure from others – sometimes all we feel is a deafening sense of obligation.