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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

May 27, 2017

Tori Sullivant is a joy seeker and trauma thriver. This strong woman has countless reasons to define herself as a victim and keep to the sidelines of life, but she instead, she has chosen to look at life as an opportunity to learn and to give.  I’m honored to share her story with you and to amplify her light that still glows after so much darkness.

Tori watched tornados destroy two towns she’s lived in, she survived a terrorist bombing and lost her baby son just hours after he was born. She has battled severe PTSD and anxiety, and ultimately found a way to rise through the pain and darkness to serve the lives of others and create a non-profit in her son's name.

Tori has presented us with an opportunity to find a new perspective on the trauma and challenges in our own lives through her inspiring story.


  • How to change your perspective on challenges through your reaction

  • How speaking out about your grief will make a difference

  • How faith and alignment helped Tori move through grief

  • Why Tori never self-identified as a victim

  • The importance of sharing your truth and your story


  • Targeted by Somali terrorists in Uganda

  • Lost her son to congenital heart disease

  • Had her best business month and started a non-profit during her darkest time

  • Now coaching women to find joy through grief


  • What has helped you unravel and move through suffering?

  • What motivated you to never self-identify as a victim?

  • How has your story changed your life and business?

  • How do we learn to value ourselves and our story?


“I reached a point where surviving wasn’t cutting it anymore. Clearly, I’m here to do more than just breathe and walk around if I’ve survived all these things.” 

“We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we have so much power in our ability to react.”

“So many people get stuck on their healing journey because they don’t allow themselves to feel. 

“It was survival for me to find joy and hope in life. It was pure defiance. It’s very easy to throw in the towel. I didn’t want that.”


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