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Jul 12, 2019

Raise your hand if you ever feel a little guilty when it comes to taking space + time for yourself.

In this productivity driven world- as moms, as business owners, as employees + visionaries- it can sometimes feel like pressing the pause button on our responsibilities and work can make us seem a bit selfish. 

This week’s episode is all about flipping the script on that wildly limiting belief, and inviting each and every one of us to ask ourselves why we continue to hold onto it, and who do we get to become without it? 

In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • What it means to allow ourselves to receive [ 3:00 ]

  • How we limit + hold ourselves back [ 7:45 ]

  • My mindset shift around vacations [ 8:25 ]

  • Why spaciousness is the birthplace of creativity [ 12:35 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “We need to give ourselves permission to just “be” and explore what it feels like when we’re not “doing.” 

  • “Spaciousness is the birthplace of creativity.” 

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