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Oct 4, 2016

I had the gift of meeting Danielle through a mutual friend on Facebook. Danielle was offering free 10-minute conversations and to be honest, I do not even remember what the offer was, I just knew that I needed to speak with this woman. 

In less than 2 minutes, she had pinpointed an area of my life that felt like a deep, burning hole of sadness that I had been glossing right over. I was in tears and feeling seen in a way that I couldn't see myself. 

Reverend Danielle Randall is an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness and the author of I Met God in a Nightclub which is due out in 2017. 


  • How to step in to the role of entrepreneur of your life.

  • How to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

  • Her perspective on what "God" actually means in her life and spiritual practice.

  • How to connect with the God of your own understanding versus the one you were given.

  • Why asking yourself where your pain is taking you is the first step in healing.

  • What true surrender really looks like.

This conversation is going to radically shift your mindset and your relationship with your sacred work in the world.