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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Sep 25, 2020

I’m dropping in for a special Friday episode to share with you about the beautiful reimagining process we have been going through with our home, and what it has taught our family in the process. 


Today’s episode is all about connecting the dots, honoring the gifts that are right in front of us, and dreaming in to what’s next. I can’t wait to share it all with you! 


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • All about the upcoming Born for This 5-Day Challenge [ :45 ]
  • What 2020 has taught us [ 2:22 ]
  • Our home story [ 4:12 ]
  • How we are reimagining our home space [ 13:00 ]
  • Why everything is connected [ 20:00 ]


Soul-Shifting Quotes: 


  • “If 2020 has revealed anything, it is what is absolutely essential for each and every one of us to live the most fulfilling life possible.” 
  • “Home is so important to me, it’s one of my core values.” 
  • “What would happen if I stopped working through the pain and asked for some support?”
  • “Be open to reimagining the way things are, so you can step in to the way things could be.” 


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