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Apr 30, 2019

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Are you looking for loyalty + community in business and life?

Today’s guest, Sadie Lincoln is the co-founder and CEO of barre3, a fitness company focused on teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. Starting in 2008 with the flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, barre3 has grown to include more than 140 franchise studios powered by female entrepreneurs, plus an online-workout streaming-subscriber base in 98+ countries.

What started as a workout has blossomed into a full-blown movement made up of millions of people focused on body positivity, being empowered, and redefining what success in fitness means. Beyond running her company and being a global spokesperson, Sadie still enjoys teaching barre3 classes to many of her founding clients in her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

In this episode, Sadie and I discuss the intention behind her business model, barre3. Sadie reveals all her shortcomings as a business owner + how she has learned to allow her team to step up for her.

Plus, Sadie explains how her unique childhood gave her the aspiration always to achieve. The secret to Sadie’s success is the commitment to being authentic + upholding core values.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The impact of barre3 [ 4:30 ]

  • The intention behind the business model [ 9:00 ]

  • About the constant evolution of self-awareness [ 12:50 ]

  • How to integrate communities into our lives [ 16:30 ]

  • About Sadie’s unique childhood [ 17:30 ]

  • What is Enneagram type three [ 24:00 ]

  • Sadie’s own lack of a father figure growing up [ 28:00 ]

  • How to bring respect + honor in relationships [ 32:30 ]

  • Sadie’s secret to success [ 38:15 ]

  • How to navigate mid-life aging [ 42:00 ]

  • How to create tribe connections [ 47:30 ]

  • That we are our own best teachers [ 49:45 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “We need to serve our existing owners and make sure they are consistently growing their margins.”

  • “I have learned where I need to step back and trust, and empower the team where I fall short.”

  • “My family always celebrated mediocracy.”

  • “It is a practice to remember our core values.”

  • “Every CEO and founder feels like an imposter.”

Links Mentioned:

Learn more about Sadie on the barre3 website: and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @sadielincoln

Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom

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