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Dec 5, 2022

Today’s episode is with an incredible visionary and one of my ELEVATE Mentorshop clients, Lindsay Roselle. 

Lindsay is the creator of The MotherLoad, which speaks to the multifaceted load that women are under when we are raising children. Lindsay believes that you can be wildly successful in your work and a devoted mother, and her goal is to lead a movement of women that feel fully empowered and understood in both roles.

Helping women find their unique identity and alignment between motherhood and ambition is her passion because she knows what it feels like to be out of alignment, and what happens as a result.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this beautiful conversation, and what changes for you in the ways that you look at your own experience of motherhood in the process. 


In This Episode: 

  • Today’s guest, Lindsay Roselle, and how she’s evolved over the last few years to get to where she is today [ 3:15 ]
  • What is “The MotherLoad” and how it came into being [ 13:50 ]
  • Lindsay’s podcast and the resistance she felt putting it out into the world [ 30:00 ]
  • The many faces and definitions of motherhood  [ 37:17 ]
  • The difference between men and women when it comes to parenting [ 42:30 ]
  • How motherhood changes us [ 52:00 ]


Links Mentioned: 

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