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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Jun 14, 2017

Christian Sinclair is a spiritual teacher and intuitive writer who has worked with hundreds of clients helping them dynamize their life, health, relationships, and careers by integrating spirituality. Having two parents who were predominate figures in spirituality and metaphysics, Christian has spent her life in the spiritual field surrounded by the biggest New Thought and Spiritual Teachers of our time.

Our amazing guest works with people who have tried everything else and are still not seeing the results they desire and feel in their heart are possible. In this conversation, we crack open the spirituality nut to help you discover what’s holding you back and how tapping into a deeper level of consciousness can help you on your journey in your life and business.


  • How Christian sees spirituality without limitations

  • Why every human problem has a supernatural solution

  • How you can use your subconscious to program your reality

  • What we can do to align ourselves with abundance in our finances

  • How fear comes from feeling separate and how to feel whole

  • How to pray ‘right’ and meditate ‘right’ by letting your ego go

  • How to surrender your undoing to God


  • Saw limitations in spiritual belief systems as she grew up

  • Beat medical diagnoses with firm connection in spirituality

  • Used Christ Consciousness to stay healthy and affirm her truth


  • How do we engage with spirituality and inspiration in our daily lives?

  • What happens when we exit this human experience?

  • How do we stop our ego and move back to true intuition?

  • How do we have a conversation with our soul?


“When we’re resting completely into God or Spirit, there is no fear. It’s not a fear-based being. That’s a human problem.”

“When we tap into that abundance of God, it shows up in our finances, in our health, and all other things.”

“We’re not separate and all of our fear comes from that. Our coming home is the realization that we aren’t separate at all.”  

“That intuition is God speaking through you. If I’m afraid, then it cannot be God coming through me.”


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