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Apr 6, 2021

Are you ready to make work a place you love and feel good about?

This week’s incredible guest, Amina AlTai is a holistic leadership and mindset coach, proud immigrant and chronic illness advocate. A leading coach to notable female leaders and impact driven celebrities—Amina’s mastery is in connecting us to our brilliance and teaching us to live and lead from it each day.

As a woman of color of Iraqi descent, she often works with marginalized communities to help them realize possibilities in a way that honors their particular lived experiences. She's known for her work around Aligned Leadership and supporting clients in pivoting from Role Models to Whole Models.™

After spending a decade grappling with a fast-paced career in marketing and two autoimmune diseases, Amina hit burnout. In hopes of healing her own life, she sought training in coaching, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness and her goal became to teach others how to balance a thriving career, body and mind.

She takes a holistic approach to coaching— examining any blocks in the mindset, in our bodies and in how we lead. Progressive companies such as Deloitte, Y&R, Outdoor Voices, NYU and HUGE have partnered with Amina. She’s an Entrepreneur Magazine expert- in-residence and writes for Entrepreneur, Thrive Global and MindbodyGreen. She’s been a featured expert in Goop, Well+Good, New York Post, Yahoo, NBC, and more.

In this episode, Amina AlTai dives into what it means to radically reimagine our relationship with work and our calling. Amina reveals the missing links in the business coaching sphere and why keeping mindset and wellness out of the conversation is really doing a disservice to us as entrepreneurs. Plus, we talk about the messages that our bodies try to give us and how we hear them. Tune in as we dig deep into how we can bring ourselves back to our calling in wholly new and different ways.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Amina AlTai [ 0:45 ]
  • How Amina tells her story [ 5:15 ]
  • Why we should approach everything with curiosity instead of judgment [ 9:20 ]
  • The reason that we might be missing our calling [ 11:15 ]
  • How we can change the course of our history [ 15:40 ]
  • The ways we can navigate triggers in coaching work [ 19:05 ]
  • How Amina defines confidence + finds it for herself [ 22:40 ]
  • Why women need to revolutionize the way they care for themselves [ 27:10 ]
  • How to start healing our wounds [ 32:20 ]
  • Advice for entrepreneurs [ 37:50 ]
  • What Amina would tell a former version of herself [ 47:25 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “Everything is a metaphor, and there's more behind it.”
  • “Approaching life with curiosity versus judgment is the juiciest tool.”
  • “Lead the conversation forward to change the game.”
  • “Start taking inventory.”
  • “My gift is seeing other people's gifts.”

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