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Mar 23, 2021

Today’s conversation is one of the most deeply meaningful and transformative ones that I’ve ever had on the podcast, and I am beyond honored to share it with you.

Today’s guest, Xavier Dagba is a trauma informed transformational life coach, shadow work facilitator, intuitive healer and EFT practitioner.

He loves to think of himself as an emotional alchemist. It is his firm belief that personal freedom can only be achieved when we allow ourselves to welcome the wisdom hidden within every emotional state, good or “bad”.

Xavier's own transformational journey brought him to dive into the universe of shadow work and he tends to think that only when you are willing to integrate your shadows, can you fully claim your power.

He feels alive the most when he helps people shed their limitations, heal, claim their power, live a life of purpose and tap into their full potential.

Xavier and I go all the way in on topics like surrender, reclaiming our victim, self-unity, the inner critic, and more. His perspective and ways of communicating his wisdom are unlike any other thought leader I have learned from, and I can’t wait for you to soak in all of the healing he offers here today. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Xavier Dagba [ 1:30 ] 
  • How I found Xavier’s work and how it’s impacted me [ 5:15 ]
  • What led Xavier to the work he is doing today [ 7:07 ]
  • What it means to surrender [ 16:09 ]
  • How we can create unity within ourselves [ 19:40 ]
  • Our inner critic and how to make peace with it [ 27:49 ]
  • How to be compassionate with our loved one’s inner critic [ 41:53 ]
  • What Xavier thinks the greatest opportunity for humanity is [ 48:57 ] 50:00
  • How to work through the fear of not feeling safe [ 56:25 ]
  • The message Xavier wanted to leave us with [ 1:03:53 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Surrendering is giving the reins back to the soul, just for a moment.” 
  • “If you define yourself, you confine yourself.” 
  • “There is no part of me that is bad, that is broken, that is inadequate.” 
  • “It is extremely hard to reclaim your power if you disown your victim.” 
  • “Shame is an instrument of separation.” 
  • “Fully liberating yourself is dangerous.”
  • “If someone tells you what love is not, that person is lying.” 
  • “Validation is empathy in action.”
  • “A virus exposes places where integrity is missing.”
  • “There is no feeling within that needs to be met with rejection.”
  • “Every time the mind takes a backseat, Spirit is given permission to redesign.” 
  • “Your ancestors gave you more than just wounds.” 

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