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Feb 3, 2017

I’m so excited to introduce you to my dear friend Tory Dube. We are both New Hampshirites and when we first spoke, I lived just streets away from her childhood home! That synchronicity knocked our socks off and brought us together on a soul level... I am so happy to share her with you here on the podcast!

Tory is a certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, certified Life Coach and certified Hypnotherapist. She’s also the founder of Tory Dube Holistic Health, She’s leading some incredible retreats in tropical locations, working all over the world. Tory is the champion (in my eyes) of people who feel like they might be all over the place and KNOW they have a message the world just has to hear. We talk about connecting with our souls, how Tory pushed past resistance to create holistic health and business retreats in other countries and dealing with the fear of death.


  • Why we can’t leave out the most important parts of our story

  • How Tory dealt with the end of a relationship and ultimately ‘manifested’ her dream partner

  • The ways that Tory connects with her intuitive voice and really listens to it

  • The intimacy we discover with ourselves when we’re intimate with our partners

  • How to face risk and find what will lead us to alignment

  • How Tory and I deal with the loss of a loved one and facing the fear of death


  • Growing up as a child of divorce and striving to be a people pleaser

  • Following her love of dance into a career in NYC

  • Living at home at 29 years old and creating a safe spot for meditation and healing

  • Losing her identity and recovering with the power of her soul


  • When you were living in a different world from the norm, with all of the baggage of self-criticism and judgment how did you meet your soul?

  • What does your typical routine for tuning in look like?

  • What activities in your life allow you to lean into the most natural parts of who you are?


“When I am the wholest version of me, the silliest, the most authentic, that’s when I can best be of service to other people.”

“Big changes hurt, but I still had this little voice say, ‘You’re exactly where you need to be.’”

“The core of my strength has been that intuitive voice, but only when I can hear it.”