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Apr 12, 2022

If you’ve ever struggled with your relationship to your body or to food, today’s conversation is a powerful one for you. 

Toni Marinucci is the owner of Tips with Toni, teaching people how not to diet. Her team of Registered Dietician’s provide online nutrition coaching to help women break free from the ‘all or nothing’ mindset and encourage balance instead. Toni's mission is to end restrictive diet culture by providing simple tips to healthy living while incorporating the foods you love. She recently gave a TEDx talk and wrote a book titled Once Upon a Diet, where she discusses the parallels between dieting, dating, and romantic relationships, and how we treat them the same.

In this episode, we discuss the parallels between dieting and how we treat our bodies, our relationships, and our businesses. We also discuss the ways in which we withhold from ourselves, we disassociate, and the ways in which we perpetuate old patterns. This is such an expansive and encouraging conversation, that I hope will serve you well.

As a note: today we discuss eating orders and our experiences with them. If this is a sensitive topic for you right now this might not be the podcast for you to listen to at the moment.

Please always honor your needs first, this information will be here for you to listen to whenever you feel ready. 


In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • [3:41] All about Once Upon a Diet
  • [13:20] Toni’s mission to changing the narrative around food 
  • [21:00] Why how we fuel ourselves is so important 
  • [24:20] What is the hunger scale? 
  • [30:10] The body positivity movement
  • [36:27] Making space to create in your own world 


  • “You’re not going to go from a place of hating your body to loving your body overnight.” [16:25]
  • “When you use food to practice mindfulness… you become more mindful in general.” [28:25]
  • “When you feel good, you do good.” [28:42]
  • “If you continue to chase what society wants you to be you’re never going to be happy.” [33:50]

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