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May 3, 2016

In this episode of the Soul Fueled CEO Podcast, I'm super excited to introduce you to Mel Robbins, a CNN contributor; motivational speaker; an expert on leadership, productivity, and strategic thinking; and whose TEDx Talk on “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over” has over 10 million views across 37 countries.

On the show, Mel shares with us how her powerful message of creating a habit of confidence resonates with everyone from CEOs to sales people to real estate agents to high schoolers.

Mel's tool was created by mistake to help her wake up to her life. Now it's become a singular tool to help you wake up to the power of your life.

You can hear more about it by seeing her live in 90+ corporate gigs this year, by following her on SnapChat (@melrobbinslive) or by listening here!


  • This simple tool to change your behavior, find your courage and remove the negative thoughts that change your brain in just 5 seconds.

  • How The 5 Second Rule helps instill a habit of confidence and breaks the cycle of fear and worry.

  • Why you are capable of doing everything that you are stuck around - from fixing your marriage to launching your business.

  • Exactly how much your feelings drive your behavior (and why they aren't always wise!)

  • Why your singular purpose in life is not what you think it is.

  • What happens the moment you start doing the small stuff that honors you.