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May 9, 2016

I had the gift of meeting Laura Sprinkle at an event in Maine last summer. Our soul-inspired approach to our work was an instant connector and I had the opportunity to participate in Laura's Soul Fire Summit back in March 2016.

In this episode, we dig in to the emotional landscape of what it felt like for Laura when she decided to totally transition her business earlier this year and what was revealed on the other side when she honored her soul's calling. 

It's a powerful and courageous conversation about what happens when we stop to listen to what our inner guidance is really trying to tell us and how making those pivots can be more lucrative and fulfilling than we ever imagined possible.


  • The deeper meaning and story behind the question, "What if I can simply be me and still be successful?"

  • How Laura broke free from resentment, procrastination and jealousy in her business.

  • Why Laura deleted her entire mailing list and never looked back.

  • The very first tool you can experiment with to help you tap into your intuition.

  • How to surrender the struggle and why it's ok to ditch your to-do list for the day.

  • Laura's simple tips for getting started with Facebook Live chats.