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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Jul 24, 2018

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In life, it can often be the thing that we want most- the thing we wish for, strive for and plan our lives around -ends up shining the light on the places within us that need our deepest healing. For today’s guest, Samantha Livingstone, her true life’s work began the day she achieved, what many believe, is the pinnacle of success.

Samantha LIvingstone is an Olympic Gold Medalist, transformational speaker, high performance coach, recovering perfectionist, mama of four girls and a former client + soul sister whose story will rock your world. After a traumatic and perspective-shifting experience involving her young daughter, she took a leap into the world of entrepreneurship to live her dream.

In today’s episode, Samantha and I dive in to perfectionism, trauma + triggers, self-compassion, how to raise daughters who understand their own inherent value- and why the most rewarding moments in her life have had nothing to do with a gold medal.

In this episode:

  • Today’s guest, Samantha Livingstone [ :45 ]

  • iTunes review of the week [ 3:40 ]

  • Samantha’s TED Talk “The Weight of Gold” [ 6:15 ]

  • The long road to recovery [ 14:25 ]

  • The experience that cracked Samantha open [ 20:09 ]

  • How to handle daily triggers and allow yourself to continue healing [ 24:00 ]

  • Learning how to be a compassionate observer in your own growth [ 31:20 ]

  • The importance of pausing and creating space for rest [ 34:40 ]

  • How Samantha learned how to receive and feel compliments (and how to teach our daughters how to do the same) [ 45:25 ]

  • What Samantha would say to a former version of herself [ 59:08 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes

  • “Perfection is an addiction.”

  • “Compassion is one of the most important ingredients of resilience.”

  • “I’ve detached productivity from my self-worth”

  • “When we become dependent on what others think of us, we also become dependent on their criticism.”

  • “We don’t have to be totally healed before we can help others.”

Links Mentioned:

Find out more about Samantha on her website, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

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