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Oct 19, 2021

Do you want to live a maximized life? 

Pervis Taylor III’s purpose in life is to help men maximize their potential, master their emotions, and thrive in the lives of their dreams. As an award-winning celebrity life coach, inspirational speaker, mentor, and author, Pervis travels the nation delivering his uplifting message to crowds large and small. He has helped countless individuals achieve their goals, and is excited to see where his journey of self empowerment will take him next.

In this episode, Pervis first speaks about the inspiration behind his many books and how he finally found radical self-acceptance. Pervis reveals where we have the most power to effect change within ourselves and our most intimate relationships. It all comes back to acceptance at the end of the day because our relationships amplify how we feel about ourselves. Tune in as we talk about having conversations around consent, making health a priority, and why vulnerability is a strength.