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Dec 13, 2022

Today’s episode is with numbers extraordinaire, Paige Gott; whose genius is in the area many of us entrepreneurs would rather about: our financials. 

Paige is the Owner of Tidewater Consulting, a virtual CFO and financial consultant for online coaches and content creators. Paige finds joy in helping clients understand their finances, develop financial intelligence, and reach their biggest business goals. Paige is also a member of the ELEVATE Mastermind. 

In this episode, we talk about her own business trajectory, how to tell if a prospective client is not a right fit, and when to hire a CFO for your business. Paige also talks about her new upcoming program, being comfortable talking about money, and taking risks for even greater returns.


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [05:30] All about Paige Gott
  • [07:20] How Paige and I connected
  • [08:05] How Paige decided to join the Elevate mastermind
  • [11:03] When a client is not a right fit
  • [14:09] The importance of having a coach
  • [16:14] When and why to bring in a CFO
  • [18:52] The most common insecurities when running a business
  • [23:24] Paige’s new upcoming program
  • [32:43] Paige’s other creative endeavors
  • [36:08] How to get a handle on your cash
  • [37:47] Delinquent, delayed, or defaulting on payments
  • [44:00] Why it’s important to have a plan


Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “You want the person that you’re working with to believe in what you’re doing.” [13:26]
  • “As soon as you can afford a bookkeeper, you should hire one.” [16:50]
  • “I don’t think debt is a bad thing at all.” [38:08]
  • “Ask for help before you are desperately needing it.” [40:15]
  • “The more you do it, the easier it gets.” [44:54]
  • “There’s no return without risk.” [52:45]


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