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May 15, 2018

We are all meant to change the world… some people just get to working on it sooner than others.

Today’s guest, Molly Hayward has felt called to speak up for and take a stand against social injustices since she was just a little girl- and since then she has never stopped.

Molly is the visionary founder of Cora, a lifestyle brand giving women a modern method for managing their periods. Cora gives body-conscious organic tampons and sustainable menstrual products to girls in underdeveloped countries for every package shipped, using her business and her voice as an opportunity to speak for women who don’t have the chance to speak for themselves.

Molly Hayward is changing (and in many instances creating) the dialogue about women and their periods- one that has been hushed beneath shame and cultural norms- on a global scale. I am honored to have her on the show today, so get ready- this conversation is going to change the way you see your body, your global sisters, and yourself.


  • Today’s guest, Molly Hayward [ 0:48 ]

  • iTunes Review of the week: [ 3:10 ]

  • How I found Cora and began using their amazing products [ 4:15 ]

  • Where Molly’s desire to help others came from [ 5:11 ]

  • How Molly turned a spark of inspiration into a thriving business [ 13:03 ]

  • The startling truth about what’s happening to less fortunate women in our world [ 18:05 ]

  • Honoring the seasons of our bodies and our lives [ 26:45 ]

  • Why it’s so important to give back in our businesses, and to work with others who want to do the same [ 29:15 ]

  • The story behind Blood + Milk [ 32:58 ]

  • How to create a dialogue around what we’re experiencing during our periods [ 46:40 ]

  • Why switching to organic products and respecting your body’s cues can help stop severe cramps [ 50:00 ]

  • The most surprising thing Molly has learned on this journey [ 55:33 ]

  • All you need to know about Cora [ 59:30 ]


  • “It felt so deeply ingrained inside of me that I had to do this; that I had to feel the fear and do it anyway.”

  • “The reason why it has taken this long for there to be a consciousness among women about this experience is because there has been this overriding stigma about it that has been ingrained in girls from an extremely young age.”

  • “There is that moment in the deepest part of winter when the seeds for the next spring are germinating underground. What our society does does not honor- is that moment.”

  • “You don’t devote your life to something for a paycheck; you do it because you know that it has meaning and it has greater purpose.”

  • “Having severe pain, having severe discomfort, having a negative perspective on this experience is not natural. This is learned- this is culturally ingrained.”

  • “Honoring my intuition and maintaining a positive perspective on everything is what moves this train forward.”


Be sure to follow Molly on her personal Instagram @mollyrosehayward and on Cora’s @corawomen

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