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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Apr 18, 2017

Laura Roeder has achieved so much and all before the young age of 30! I can’t wait for you to hear her words of simple and integrity driven solutions for living a more fulfilled life and operating a successful company that focuses on what matters most of all in the lives of her team.

Laura is the founder and CEO of the social media automation tool, Meet Edgar. She has been an independent entrepreneur since she was 22(!!). She also founded LKR Social Media in 2009 was named one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 three times and had the opportunity to speak about entrepreneurship at the White House.


  • How to solve the bottomless pit of content creation in social media

  • How Laura made her vision for her brand come to life

  • The three most important core values Laura has leaned on in life and business.

  • Why Laura puts such an emphasis on providing life-friendly employment to others


  • Stepped into entrepreneurship at the young age of 22

  • Created her first company in 2009

  • Launched Meet Edgar in 2014

  • Now thriving in the role of CEO at Meet Edgar


  • How did you realize a social media automation tool was something you could create?

  • What kind difference can we make in the world by making the brave choice to step into entrepreneurship?

  • How have you rode the waves throughout innovation for the next big thing in your business?

  • Is it possible to build a personal brand without tethering it to a personality?

  • Why did you choose not to transition Meet Edgar into an affiliate program?


  • “We are a content creation and consumption society.”

  • “If something doesn’t work, it’s ok to change it.”

  • “Crystallize down and get the the clarity around what it is you actually want to do.”

  • “What leads you to the next thing?”


Check out Laura's new software for coaches, Paperbell: