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Nov 14, 2017

What does celebration mean to you? Is it the birthday parties, the weddings, the engagement dinners or the anniversaries? Is it the cakes, and the centerpieces and all of the sparkly gifts?

But, what if the celebration, itself, IS the gift?

What if we reframed celebration as a way to give (and to receive) love… and a vital part of the foundation that you could build an entire empire off of?

Are you wondering what in the world I am talking about?

You’re going to want to stick around for this one.

In 2012 Kristen Ley didn’t just “start a business”. What she did was find a way to make a living celebrating others by simply trusting her passion and following some truly Divine guidance.

Starting with an $800 letterpress and a yearning for something more, Kristen gave birth to her company Thimblepress; a lifestyle brand contributing magnificently designed and crafted products to the world. Products that not only tell a story; products that help people tell and *celebrate* THEIR story.

Thimblepress has evolved from a garage housing an old letterpress that was collecting dust; to a team of 15 souls, retail in over 1500 stores, and 2 brick and mortar shops. Kristen Ley has used her passion, her faith, and her vision to celebrate not only the BIG moments in life, but more importantly, the seemingly tiny and often missed moments that are oh-so worth honoring.

If you’re wondering how to build a business that gives more than just a product... if you’re wondering  how to learn how to use your stumbles as stepping stones... and if you’re wondering how to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, while simultaneously creating an epic brand that is an extension of who you are; look no further.


  • What is celebration and how important is it to make it a part of our lives

  • How you can use your “love languages” to do your sacred work

  • What she is REALLY selling to people (Hint: It’s not just confetti)

  • Why you don’t need to have a big vision right away to start a business

  • How to turn your weaknesses into your greatest assets

  • How trusting God has played a pivotal role in creating her business, and building a team of people she loves and honors

  • Where Kristen gets her inspiration from and why she will never step away from designing and creating


  • Why does celebration play such a central role in your life and in the sacred work you do?

  • Where did that level of intentionality come from for you?

  • Did you imagine Thimblepress being what it is now? How did you make a beginning?

  • What has continued to pull you forward?

  • What has been most challenging about the growth and what has been the most surprising?

  • How do you go from being the person who does it all by herself to bringing in team members in a way that feels really good?

  • Are you still doing every single design that comes through?

  • What are some of your non-negotiables?

  • Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?


“Celebration does not just mean a birthday party, or a wedding…there are so many different ways we can honor each other and celebrate each other, little and big. And I want to be a part of that in people’s lives.”

“I was surrounded by so much love as a child. I see what encouragement can do for you not only as a child but as an adult, and you can encourage through celebration.”

“Weaknesses manifest into the best qualities that make you up.”

“When you start a business you either go into knowing you’re starting a business. Or you have a passion for something…and that passion becomes a business.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to continue this business, if I didn’t have faith. Because I believe worry and fear stop so many people from doing what they were meant to do. “

“It’s so hard, when we’re in a season of little fruit, to see that that season isn’t going to be forever. And to also accept that time we have to breath…”

“I want people to feel honored and celebrated that work here, because…at the end of the day, I see these people more than I do my family.”

“I need people that are different than me- that bring different thoughts and different opinions to the table. I need people that will challenge me to grow this brand in a bigger way.”

“Sometimes it’s the prayers that we don’t want to pray…that God says, “Alright, I was just waiting on you.”

“The happiness and the environment that I want to cultivate with my team is a non-negotiable.”

“Take time to cultivate the roots of what you’re doing and take time in your decisions, even through quick growth. But don’t take too much time to feel like you have to have things perfect…that you don’t leap.”