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Dec 11, 2018

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Have you ever had that feeling deep within your soul, that you are here to do big things? And at the same time- felt utterly terrified of being seen?

Today’s guest, Kris Britton, is a Life and Success Coach to women who want to love themselves and live free.

Kris empowers women to clear all the blocks that hold them back from confidently living their dreams. Our blocks are the stories we’ve piled up high within us that block our voice, light, and abundance. When these blocks are dissolved, we reveal our true selves, and start to lead our lives with love and our own personal power.

In this episode, Kris and I dig deep into soul-searching, spiritual sales, and how to awaken our own inner goddess. Plus, we discuss why you need to hang up your lady balls (say what?!), and Kris gives some game-changing tips on how to set + accomplish every goal that’s on your heart.

In This Episode:

  • Today’s guest, Kris Britton [ 3:20 ]

  • Marriage changed everything [ 6:45 ]

  • Kris’ new frontiers [ 9:45 ]

  • Spiritual salespeople can still make money [ 13:25 ]

  • Let people in [ 19:55 ]

  • Your soul is calling you [ 22:45 ]

  • Amber’s wake-up call [ 23:40 ]

  • Kris’ life coach [ 24:40 ]

  • Awakening your inner goddess [ 29:45 ]

  • Hang up the lady balls [ 34:50 ]

  • Finding the balance between feminine and masculinity [ 39:10 ]

  • Strategies to set goals and when to detach [ 42:40 ]

  • Kris studies Amber’s social media stories [ 49:55 ]

  • Kris would tell her fourteen-year-old self that she is loved [52:45]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Set the date and watch what unfolds.”

  • “I work well when I have a sister like you in my corner that is believing in me as much as my soul is calling me to, but my ego is tripping me up too much.”

  • “Coming into a space of authentic selling, through storytelling, through aligning your energy trusting the right person is coming in; I light up being able to invite sales in.”

  • “Everything in life is a sales conversation.”

  • “Your soul is aching, but it’s the hardest thing for you to lean into and say yes to.”

  • “By nature, I have been taught to be more of the damsel in distress and a victim.”

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Learn more about Kris at and follow her on Instagram: @kris_britton

Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom

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