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May 13, 2016

The spunky and amazing Lana Shlafer is a Law of Attraction coach, creator of The Get Full of Yourself membership program, yoga instructor, wife, mother of twins and is 8 months pregnant as we speak. 

In this episode, we talk about how to fill your cup in business and in life, so that you can be FULL to spill your joy out onto the world.

Lana's spark stems from letting herself be a kid but with all the experiences of an adult. She shows up to her life and business with passion and a daily practice of doing the work, and she has some powerful lessons that she shares with us in this episode.


  • How being a Soul Fueled CEO is a lot like growing a baby.

  • The a-ha moment that led to Lana's huge mindset shift in her business.

  • What you can practice saying so you can be in the NOW and enjoy the journey.

  • How Lana succeeds at putting her unique vibrational stamp on everything that she does.

  • Why hustle for the sake of hustle will never work (and what to do instead).

  • A simple exercise to save yourself from depletion.

  • How to give yourself permission to bounce back high from a low emotional place.