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May 18, 2018

The secret to unstoppable success is not in a strategy or a formula; it is a way of BEING.

On this week’s Focus Friday, I went live with my Instagram and Facebook family to share the #1 key that I’ve found to take what was once just a dream, and turned it into a living and breathing mission.

If you’ve got a dream in your heart, great work to do and are wondering exactly what it will take to get you to that next level (and then to keep climbing)- today’s episode is for you.


  • How to call in what it is you truly want [ 1:51 ]

  • The one word to embrace to create unstoppable success [ 3:33 ]

  • The 4-year anniversary I am celebrating- and why failure was never an option [ 6:49 ]

  • The quote that shifted the way I saw my mission [ 9:17 ]

  • The undeniable power of Inspiration vs. obligation [ 13:45 ]


  • “When you become obsessed with what it is you’re doing- it literally doesn’t matter if you mess up. You are so committed to the message and the mission that your fear is not a shadow anymore.”

  • “When I started this business- failure was never an option.”

  • “You get to decide, you get to create the adventure- and what a gift that is.”

  • “It is about inspiration, not obligation.”


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MAY 18, 2018