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Jan 19, 2018

Did you look at the title of this podcast and think, “but what if I’ll never succeed”

Or…“I don’t even know what success means.”

Good news! This one’s for you.

Success is not a predetermined destination or a place that only the lucky ones arrive at. Success is whatever you decide it is.

What a relief that we get to choose our own success trajectory.

Today’s episode is about reverse engineering our success and defining for ourselves what it is in life that would bring us the most joy; and it’s also about living with that joy… in this very moment.

Grab a pen and some paper for this one, I’m about to ask you questions that dig right in to the heart of your desire and help you understand what success looks like for you, and how you just might find it.


  • How to define success for yourself

  • The questions to ask yourself to help you move into total alignment

  • What it means to bring the joy with you


  • “We can create a life and a journey to align with what our definition of success is.”

  • “We don’t get what we want because we’re desperate. We get what we desire because we’re inspired.”

  • “We cannot operate from a place of ultimate conditions. We need to operate from a place of unconditional success.”

  • “Are you preparing with, or for, your joy?”