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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Jan 26, 2018

I learned so much last weekend in LA with Lewis and his crew at the Greatness Mastermind retreat, but the biggest realization came from reflecting on what it took to get me there.

It wasn’t money. It wasn’t time. It wasn’t having someone to look after my little one.

It was the courage to get on the plane, itself.

I know you know what I’m talking about.

The showing up is always the hardest part.

That first moment when we walk in to the room of rock stars. That physical CLAIMING of our dreams that takes place when we tell the people we love we’re diving in head first.

When we DO show up, when we get on the plane,  buy the ticket....signup- for our dreams...our lives are dramatically changed.

When we say YES to the invitation to up level our experience here… magic always happens.

In this Focus Friday episode on the podcast, I talk about the 5 reasons why getting on the plane will make a massive impact in your life and in your business in some surprising ways you may not expect, and why taking the long walk down that jet bridge could be the most game-changing walk you ever take.


  • An invitation to get on the plane in your own life [:46]

  • What it means to “get on the plane” [ 3:16 ]

  • Why getting on the plane helps you dream bigger [ 8:25 ]

  • How we grow our tribe by surrounding ourselves with other [ 11:02 ]

  • How showing up refocuses you on what leads to results [ 13:40 ]

  • How consistency is the way [ 15:23 ]

  • How getting on the plane helps you become the person you need to be to get to the next level     [ 18:51 ]


  • “We are being called to give birth to something bigger and we are being called to trust and have faith in that process.”

  • “The only way that anything is ever going to happen is if we have the courage to actually dream it.”

  • “Being in the room with people like the folks at this Mastermind experience, we realize that we’re no longer separate. We’re more alike than we are different.”

  • “Get on the plane. Sign up. Say YES. Step up to your own greatness.. You couldn’t possibly know what waits for you on the other side of your fear.”