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Oct 27, 2017

Last week, I shared something very sacred to Ben and I, on a very public platform. I told the story of our recent miscarriage on my Instagram profile.

In the wake of losing the child we had just conceived, I opted to lean in by opening up, instead of just blocking everything out.

I opened up my most private thoughts to the world, and what I received was a waterfall  of love and support from rockstars far and wide. What I received was the affirmation from those of you who have experienced your own sadness and sense of loss that by sharing our truth, we allow others to meet us right where we are. It was an amazing reminder that our souls are stronger together than they may ever be alone.

What I also received was the invitation to be completely and utterly present in the experience of my “now.” And in the unfurling of what was happening, my sweet husband and I were able to find acceptance in what life was handing us in that moment.  Instead of running from our pain or pretending that it didn’t exist, we did quite the opposite: we welcomed it with open arms.

And in that welcoming, we became willing to let life guide us to what’s next, wherein we became willing to say, “Maybe it’s okay to change the plan.”

I recorded this episode for you in hopes that it could perhaps inspire you to do the same for yourself.

This one goes deep for me friends, and I hope that in it, you too, can find your invitation to get entirely present in your moment, your pain and your story, so you can more readily become open to moving through it.

Thank you for honoring me through this process, now let me help you honor yours.