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Mar 23, 2018

Have you ever had that feeling where you wanted to just spontaneously burst into song or dance even in moments when it wasn’t really appropriate to do so?

Have you ever found yourself craving more expression in your life, business and relationships? You’re not alone, soul sister.  The feeling of pure and unfiltered joy is ALWAYS looking to express itself through your body.

But most of the time, we hold ourselves back from allowing it to move through us, for straight up fear of who might be watching.

Today’s episode is all about giving ourselves permission to dance, sing, leap, laugh and love in whatever way our hearts desire, despite who is around. To dance like everyone’s watching; because you never know who’s waiting for you to dance your dance- so they can have the courage to dance their own.


  • The stories behind today’s conversation and why it matters [ 0:53 ]

  • Questions to ask yourself about where you’re holding back [ 9:26 ]


  • “So much of what really connects with my audience, is the moments in which I decide to just dance.”

  • “We care so much about what other people are going to possibly think, that we don’t even allow ourselves to dance.”

  • “I want you to be the ballerina. In your life, your business, your relationships; and most of all in your relationship with yourself.”


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MARCH 23, 2018