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Dec 21, 2021

Have you ever struggled to unlock your full potential? Erin King, a best-selling author, three-time entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and the queen of audacity is going to show you how to unlock your big deal energy. Tune in to hear how big deal energy can help unlock your most authentic self and how to identify those big deal energy moments.

In This Episode: 

  • Welcoming Today’s guest, Erin King [04:23]
  • When the world says no, how do you grab your gear and lean in harder? [08:20]
  • The gateway moment showed Erin what was possible [11:00]
  • How Erin’s social media company, Socialite, came to be [15:25]
  • What is big deal energy? [22:03]
  • Why you can only be who you actually are [33:15]
  • Showing up in the way that you need to and not in the way the world wants you to [37:50]
  • How to dare boldly [41:15]
  • Stepping into and fully own your big deal energy [44:09]


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