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Feb 16, 2021

Are you ready to get in touch with who you are at the core, using human design?

I am so excited to be joined by one of my dear friends and amazing clients, Emma Jensen. In 2018 Emma Jensen was introduced to Human Design through a coach. Beginning to learn and understand who she was at her core permitted Emma to be herself. Not who others wanted her to be or what she thought she was supposed to be, but who she truly was underneath all of the thoughts and belief patterns that were laid down by other people.

Emma became a student and curious about Human Design, and it wasn't until 2020 that she truly stepped into sharing Human Design with others. It is a passion that Emma loves to share with all people because of the tremendous impact it can have on not only the individual life but the lives of those around them.

Emma has been a lover of animals her entire life. They have been a source of comfort, reassurance and have taught Emma so many vital lessons throughout her life. It wasn't until she joined a coaching program in late 2018 that Emma discovered she could communicate with animals.

Before then, Emma didn't even realize Animal Communication was possible and something that someone could do or achieve with an animal. Once Emma embraced this newfound gift, her life completely transformed. For years, Emma wanted a career that helped animals, and Animal Communication brought clarity to that vision. It was through many animal reading that Emma was intuitively led to include energetic healings as well. Emma continues to learn so much from each animal she communicates with.

In this episode, Emma reveals exactly what human design is, and we dive into the different human design types. When we learn about our own design, we can understand how to live up to our most real + authentic self. Emma gives loads of tips and strategies around communication depending on our human design type.  Tune in as we discuss the not-self themes, how to make money using our energy type, and we dig deep into our charts.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Emma Jensen [ 4:35 ]
  • About human design + the different human design types [ 8:35 ]
  • What we need to know about the nine human design centers [ 28:55 ]
  • The importance of knowing human design as a coach [ 33:55 ]
  • Communication strategies for generators [ 38:05 ]
  • Why we should never use our human design chart as an excuse [ 46:55 ]
  • What to know about our not-self themes [ 50:15 ]
  • All about the 64 gates and what the different colors mean [ 57:25 ]
  • How we can use human design to make the money that we desire [ 59:20 ]
  • The ways we can work with Emma [ 70:15 ]
  • What the arrows mean on our human design charts [ 76:25 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “We're all meant to be magnetic.”
  • “As long as we are aligned, and we are doing what we love – we are creating energy.”
  • “Be as compassionate as possible.”
  • “Human design is a tool to help you have a deeper sense of mastery and knowingness of oneself.”
  • “Live in your design and follow your authority + strategy.”

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