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May 21, 2019

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Many of us have created our own businesses to give us freedom from the lifestyle we were formerly living…

But there is a key to creating a business that offers you that freedom- and it’s all in our mindset.

Today’s guest, Emily Williams is a success coach, entrepreneur, and author with a seven-figure business who, at one point, couldn’t get a job at Starbucks.

After experiencing a quarter life crisis, she moved from Ohio to London (where she knew no one!) and in 2014 launched her business, I Heart My Life. She made $442 in her first month—and then went on to hit six figures in six months, before her 30th birthday. She grew it to seven figures in under 18 months.

Today, she works with female entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them bust through the obstacles that hold their dreams and goals hostage so they can free themselves to live the lives they want, build their own online business and hit their money goals. She’s been featured in Money, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes and Success Magazine.

I can’t wait to share this inspiring + impactful conversation with you and the massive takeaways you get as a result!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Today’s guest, Emily Williams [ 0:45 ]

  • Emily’s story and what lead her to where she is today [ 4:19 ]

  • How Emily learned how to trust her intuition [ 8:05 ]

  • What Emily’s mindset was like when she had first decided to moved to London [ 9:55 ]

  • How Emily went to nannying, matchmaking and working as a VA to becoming a coach.

[ 14:25 ]

  • How Emily decided to name her business “I Heart My Life” [ 17:45 ]

  • How branding has made a difference in her business [ 19:50 ]

  • Emily’s new book, I Heart My Life [ 23:00 ]

  • Why we should take advantage of the opportunities in front of us [ 26:00 ]

  • The importance of giving yourself “The Millionaire Weekend” and how to create space in your own life for creativity [ 29:15 ]

  • Where Emily is currently working on her mindset [ 32:20 ]

  • How to leave the scarcity mindset behind [ 34:55 ]

  • What Emily’s relationship with money is like today [ 42:30 ]

  • Emily’s favorite encounter on her journey thus far [ 48:50 ]

  • What’s on Emily’s nightstand (and why it matters) [ 51:07 ]

  • The most soul-shifting book Emily has read [ 52:20 ]

  • What Emily would say to a former version of herself [ 53:27 ]

Soul-Shifting Quotes:

  • “I realized I was keeping myself stuck because I was so focused on what wasn’t working- and I was getting more of that.”

  • “Jealousy is an indication of what it is that you desire.”

  • “Focus on what lights you up first and foremost.”

  • “If my brand is not conveying my story and conveying possibility to other women, then I am failing.”

  • “I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in a high standard.”

  • “I believe that your desires are dropped in, and you don’t even need to question it- they’re meant for you.”

  • “Your current reality is not an indication of what’s possible for you.”

  • “I’ve transformed my life, but the next level for me is to be able to give back on a grander scale.”

Links Mentioned:

Find our more about Emily on her website: and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @iheartmylifenow

Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom

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