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Sep 26, 2017

When I dreamed up my podcast over a year ago,I made a list of all of the guests I really wanted to have on the show and today’s guest is one of the women who graced the top 5 on that very list! This episode is one of my favorite this year and will give you a glimpse into the life and mind of the one and only Emily Ley.

Emily’s energy is contagious and what she has done inside her company over the last 10 years is exceptional. Emily dreamed up the Simplified Planner and her boutique lifestyle brand, Emily Ley in order to create tools that help women to be more intentional and organized in their daily lives. Her work has been featured by Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, Glamour, Forbes, and so much more. She believes everyday life doesn’t have to be ordinary and that joy is truly found in the journey. Her mission is to inspire women of all ages to build joy and simplicity into their lives through intentional choices, purposeful plans and playful experiences.

Over the last decade, Emily has built an empire all the while raising 3 babies, two of which are twins, and stayed true to herself with life-giving relationships and passions. It was such an honor to speak with Emily and to cover all things simplicity, spirituality and even mommy guilt in this episode. I know you are going to get so much from this conversation. Enjoy!


  • How Emily gave herself grace to ebb and flow with life’s seasons

  • How to find your true voice through distractions and comparison

  • Why saying yes to every opportunity may be your biggest mistake

  • The biggest mistake Emily made early on in her business and how she pivoted to thrive through the adversity.

  • How spirituality underlies everything Emily does in her life and business

  • What Emily does to teach her children to be still

  • How to deal with mommy guilt and decide what’s non-negotiable

  • How to make and keep meaningful relationships in a busy life and business

  • What inspired Emily’s latest book on creating a more simplified life


  • How did you learn to tap into your true voice?

  • What is the most educational mistake you’ve made so far?

  • How does spirituality weave into what you’ve created?


“You learn who you are by making a lot of mistakes.”

“I’ve always looked at life and said, ‘Do I have to do it this way?’”

“It’s hard to find real joy when we’re so bogged down by all the things.”