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Sep 22, 2020

Inspirational speaker, radio host, and author of Freedom is Your Birthright, Dr. Dravon James is on the podcast today for  an incredibly soul-shifting conversation. She is the founder of Everyday Peace, a platform for her to help and inspire others to build the life of their dreams.

Using her successful pharmacist skills, she brings light into other’s lives by sharing her Everyday Peace message. She also hosts her own weekly radio show, “Everyday Peace” on Unity Radio.

In this episode, Dr. Dravon and I have a beautiful conversation about changing our lives' trajectory. Plus, Dr. Dravon reveals how we can reshape our present moments to find peace + tranquility in the most challenging seasons.

We talk about expanding our capacity in everyday situations to find gratitude (because fear + gratitude cannot exist in the same place.) Plus, we dive in to how our vibration best serves when it is in the energy of the solution to create the life we have always dreamed about.

Grab your favorite warm beverage and a notebook, you’re going to want to take notes for this one!


In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Dr. Dravon James [ 0:50 ]
  • About the inspiration behind Everyday Peace [ 4:50 ]
  • Why it is always too soon to quit [ 16:00 ]
  • Navigating the world through the lens of Everyday Peace [ 19:15 ]
  • How we can leave judgment aside during COVID-19 [ 22:30 ]
  • That we have exactly what we need to reach our next level of greatness [ 26:40 ]
  • About stepping into character while honoring ourselves in the process [ 32:40 ]
  • The ways we can expand our capacity to live in these uncertain times [ 39:15 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “This is a life that allows for life to happen.”
  • “Life is happening to bow down and serve us.”
  • “It’s always too soon to quit.”
  • “Keep life evolving.”
  • “Fear can be used; don’t let it use you.”

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