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Sep 21, 2021

David J. Kundtz is a retired licensed marriage and family therapist, a former Catholic  priest and author of seven books. 

Kundtz earned graduate degrees in psychology and theology and his doctoral degree, a  Doctor of Science and Theology in the field of Pastoral psychology, from the Graduate  Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he attended  Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and St. Mary’s Seminary and University in  Baltimore, Maryland.  

After spending twenty years as an ordained priest working in the Catholic Diocese of  Boise, Idaho and Cali, Colombia, he went on to build a successful private marriage and  family counseling practice in Berkeley, CA, for twenty some years. He also offered  workshops in the areas of human resources, stress management, and emotional health  as the director of Inside Track Seminars. 

In this episode, David shares how he finally made a decision to stop, and in doing so, he found his way. He talks about the three different ways in which we get to the art of stopping: still-points, stopovers, and grinding halts. Plus, David explains why we are in the place of having less time, less energy, and too much to do. Later, David teaches us how to shift the way we live to be in the space of greater fulfillment and joy.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, David J. Kundtz [ 0:45 ]
  • The inspiration behind David’s book, The Art of Stopping [ 6:10 ]
  • How stillpoints are opportunities to stop, breathe, and remember [ 9:10 ]
  • Ways to find meaning within the spaces [ 17:10 ]
  • Why spending time alone is doing something [ 20:15 ]
  • The best thing about stopping [ 27:50 ]
  • How to find what we want in life during a grinding halt [ 30:30 ]
  • The importance of stopping when it comes to living life [ 38:15 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “If you really want something, you'll do it.”
  • “Each of us has the wisdom and the self-knowledge that we need.”
  • “Spending time alone is doing something.”
  • “The purpose of stopping is going.”
  • “The best thing about stopping is it happens on its own.”

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