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Dec 8, 2021

Are you ready to receive the life you want through the power of manifestation?

Cassandra Bodzak is a thought leader, best-selling author, sought-after on-camera personality, and speaker in the mindfulness and personal development world. She is also the host of the popular spiritual podcast, "Divine Downloads". She teaches people how to utilize the technologies of food, meditation, and self-care to create their 'next level' life.

In this episode, Cassandra shares her journey from a place of a disharmonious relationship with food, to healing through a spiritual connection. She describes how she evolved to believe that through meditation, the desires of our hearts will unfold for us. 

Listen in to learn how to connect to your audience by asking your internal guiding system what they need to hear, and talking about the value you’re offering without fear. You will also learn how to create from the essence of who you truly are when in the space of nothingness created by meditation.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Cassandra’s life-shifting journey and how it inspired her new book Manifesting Through Meditation. [4:46]
  • Honor what’s in your heart right now to connect and communicate with your audience. [12:27]
  • How to be in alignment with what you want to create as an entrepreneur. [19:33]
  • How to show up and offer value to your audience without fear or judgment. [25:15]
  • The definition of manifestation and the importance of meditation. [35:14]
  • How meditation synchs us up with the things we want to welcome into our lives. [45:57]
  • How to create your legacy by impacting others with what you do. [53:35]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Your life will shift from it if you show up for it.”
  • “Manifesting is being a conscious co-creator of your experience; being empowered in the way you approach your life.”
  • “To access that creative space, we need to loosen ourselves from the 3D physical world.”

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