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Jun 19, 2018

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What if we looked at our lives from the perspective that they were happening FOR us, rather than TO us?

Today’s guest, Cassandra Bodzak embodies this sentiment and in today’s episode, she shares with us the journey to her now after years of struggling with an eating disorder. We dive in to ways in which we can magnetize our life and how to truly find the massive success you’ve been seeking.

Cassandra Bodzak is the best selling author of “Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life the Lights You Up” and the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, Cassandra teaches women who want to have it all how to create rituals using food, meditation, and self-care to create sustainable success and wellbeing.

In this episode:

  • Today’s guest, Cassandra Bodzak [ :45 ]

  • iTunes review of the week [ 2:20 ]

  • How an eating disorder lead Cassandra to doing her great work in the world [ 9:10 ]

  • Why being in alignment is more powerful than any formula or strategy [ 21:40 ]

  • What lead Cassandra to her eating disorder [ 28:53 ]

  • What to do when old thought systems come up [ 35:15 ]

  • Cassandra’s body love rituals [ 40:50 ]

  • How Cassandra grounds and stays true to herself [ 46:51 ]

  • Cassandra talks about surrendering [ 55:56 ]

  • What Cassandra would like to say to a former version of herself [ 59:50 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Our disconnection, our judgment, around our bodies- is the first place we give away our power.”

  • “When you’re in alignment, you can activate a magnet within you that is far stronger than any amount of force or doing.”

  • “I live what I preach.”

  • “It’s always about coming back to my heart and allowing myself to have those reflective, creative times.”

  • “When you really surrender and trust the Universe, you can welcome in that little thought that maybe there’s something even better.”

Links Mentioned:

To learn more about Cassandra head to her website and follow her on Instagram

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