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Feb 13, 2018

It’s not everyday that I cross paths with a woman on my journey who hasn’t allowed feelings of unworthiness to hold her back from rocking those dreams that have been calling to them in some way shape or form.

So it was such an awesome experience to dig in with this week’s guest, Cameka Smith, and really dive into what it is that has allowed her to never let fear or doubt stand in the way of her divine life’s purpose.

Cameka is the epitome of a BOSS; a business development mentor, founder of The Boss Network, one heck of an inspiring speaker and a lifetime entrepreneur. Her faith and her vision have driven her to change lives in a deeply connected and massive way, and believe me when I say, friends, she is just getting started.

Get ready to feel enlivened and recharged with this week’s episode and to learn how to step into and own the role of boss and CEO in your own life, whatever way that means for you.


  • How to navigate fear and doubt so you can pursue your dreams

  • How to discern if entrepreneurship is right for you

  • How Cameka used her life’s circumstances to build herself up and stay motivated

  • How to find mentors in your industry

  • The importance of quality over quantity


  • How do you know that it is time for you to launch your own business?

  • What is the best way for someone to reach out to mentors and people in the industry you want to learn from?

  • What kind of support do you have in your life to create balance and get what you need?

  • What is a defining moment on your entrepreneurial journey where you felt you were exactly where you were meant to be?

  • What are your daily non negotiables?


  • “I have come to realize that there is not one person in the world that is more worthy than me, or I’m more worthy than them. We are all worthy of all the abundance and all of the greatness that God has in store for us.”

  • “Wherever you are, there’s always room to grow.”

  • “I wanted to believe in me more than anyone else believed in me.”

  • “Don’t get caught up in what other people are doing, because that’s the easiest way to set yourself up for failure.”

  • “The best way to step out there is to volunteer. You serve your way to success.”

  • “If you’re in the room, that means you belong there.

  • “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.”

  • “This is the year of the womanhood, it is our time...we don’t have to be anything but us.”

Find out more about Cameka Smith at or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also reach her on her personal Twitter account here.