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The Amber Lilyestrom Show

Jul 19, 2022

Have you ever felt like your life wasn’t moving forward, but you didn’t know what to do to make a change?  

Britt Frank is a therapist, teacher, speaker, trauma specialist, and author of The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward. She is committed to dismantling the mental health myths that keep people feeling stuck and sick, by educating, empowering, and equipping them to transform their most persistent patterns of thinking and doing, and helping them understand the inner mechanisms of their brains and bodies.

In today’s episode, Brit shares all about The Science of Stuck, the importance of nervous system regulation, navigating confusion, the shame cycle, and we also get into the anatomy of mental danger. Britt lets us in on some of the most impactful ways of becoming unstuck, and much more. I can’t wait for you to listen. 


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [05:51] The Science of Stuck.
  • [09:14] Learning to regulate your nervous system.
  • [12:37] Looking through the lens of confusion.
  • [16:49] Bringing brain science into the equation.
  • [22:31] The truth about Depression.
  • [25:57] When our brains function in a place of mental danger.
  • [32:09] Shame, guilt, and accountability.
  • [34:49] How to become unstuck.



  • “The pain is confusing. The process doesn’t have to be.” [09:07]
  • “There’s very little opportunity for healing pain without clarity on what that pain is.” [14:10]
  • “The opposite of mental health is mental danger.” [24:56]
  • “You can take accountability for your actions without shaming yourself.” [32:26]
  • “Stuck turns into unstuck the second we say yes to anything.” [35:38]


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