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May 11, 2021

This week’s episode is all about what it really means to create your dream reality, and how it has nothing to do with what is going on outside of us.

I hope you see this episode as an invitation to look deeply at the thoughts you’re thinking, and the ways in which you are ready to believe in a way that allows all of your dreams to come to life. You are worthy of them.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:


  • What we are inviting into our lives [ 3:11 ] 
  • The season of perceived lack [ 5:20 ]
  • What happens when we wait for proof [ 8:22 ]

Soul-Shifting Quotes:


  • “You will not take from me. I will not take from me.” 
  • “When we are living our lives attached to outcomes, we miss the limitless potential that is available to us in every single moment.” 
  • “Our lived experience is an expression and reflection of our thoughts.” 
  • “We can only bring to life what we believe is possible.” 
  • “What you crave from others is what you possess within yourself.” 


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