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Aug 3, 2021

Do you want to turn your story into a global movement?

Abbey Gibb is an Emmy-award winning former TV journalist turned global storyteller and media mentor. Her TEDx talks on the power of story have garnered millions of views. Abbey helps heartcentered entrepreneurs turn their message into global movements through aligned media visibility and business strategy.

She’s helped dozens of conscious leaders to build million dollar brands, but she's also on a mission to heal media from the outside, in. Helping us understand why, with so much connectivity, we're starved for human connection and how- together- we can change that. Abbey Gibb's new TEDx talk is a rally cry to millennial leaders on how to create lasting change using the power of storytelling and social media.

Abbey also shares her harrowing personal story of how she’s overcome Lyme Disease, domestic violence and found herself in the middle of the #MeToo movement with corporate media. Her work and message have been featured inEntrepreneur magazine, CNN, Al Jazeera America, CBS and NBC news.

In this episode, we went deep on the topics of being seen, courage, rage, allowing ourselves to live into our truth, and how to discern between truth and fear. Plus, we talked about building a business and what it really looks like from the inside out to get to the place of our personal definition of success and why that is so challenging for so many of us in a world where comparison rules the day. Tune in as we chat about the concept of wabi-sabi, steps for reconciliation, and how we can find our unique way to serve others.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Abbey Gibb [ 0:45 ]
  • How to tell the difference between fear and truth [ 15:10 ]
  • Why boundaries should be sacred [ 20:50 ]
  • The reason that money has to come first [ 33:10 ]
  • How to find a way to uniquely serve others [ 43:10 ]
  • Why the concept of wabi-sabi is so important [ 57:50 ]
  • The reason we need to reconcile [ 66:45 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “You will be more beautiful on the other side and that you have never and will never be broken.”
  • “We can only be visible to this world as deeply as we're willing to be visible to ourselves.”
  • “Perfection is about protection; it's keeping everyone, including our truth, at arm's length.”
  • “Not everyone deserves access to all of your stories.”
  • “I make no apologies about why I started my business.”

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