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Dec 10, 2019

Today’s guest, is a dear soul-sister and one of the most beloved 2019 Ignite Your Soul Summit performers, Tara Romano. Tara is an inspirational speaker for women empowerment, serial entrepreneur, and YouTube star with over five million views of her internationally renowned fitness videos featuring her original choreography and love of dance.

Tara is the creative director and creator of Tone & Tease which is a fitness program incorporating cardio, toning with easy-to-follow dance moves using a strategically placed chair. Through her program, she encourages her diva tribe to “Unleash & Let Go.”

In this episode, Tara shares her story about overcoming the challenges of having an eating disorder and a negative body image. Plus, Tara reveals how she finds her alter ego, ways we can step into our higher self, and how to navigate the stigma behind network marketing.

In this Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • All about today’s guest, Tara Romano [ 0:30 ]
  • Why we create doubt in our minds [ 8:00 ]
  • The inspiration behind Tone & Tease [ 11:00 ]
  • How we need to live in our bodies [ 16:10 ]
  • The steps to finding our alter ego [ 19:15 ]
  • About Tara’s background [ 24:20 ]
  • How to be inspired without judgments [ 28:35 ]
  • The ways to navigate our feelings of being misaligned [ 30:40 ]
  • How to balance the network marketing stigma [ 33:30 ]
  • About using our energy in network marketing [ 43:25 ]
  • Ways to keep our social media content authentic [ 45:45 ]
  • About Your Life Unleashed [ 48:00 ]
  • What Tara would tell a former version of herself [ 50:25 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “No matter where we are on our journeys, we all experience the same doubt.”
  • “My students helped me evolve Tone & Tease.”
  • “Take out the fear of what is about to happen.”
  • “We can release energy when we let go.”
  • “Network marketing found me.”

Links Mentioned: 

Learn more about Tara at her website: and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @tara_romano and Facebook: Tara Romano

Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom 


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