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Oct 30, 2018

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Striking the balance between work and play could quite literally be one of the most challenging feats for entrepreneurs in the throes of building a successful business… and it’s also one of the most important.

Today’s guest, the incredibly inspiring and driven Rob Murgatroyd, is constantly seeking to find that balance himself. Rob is the host of the Work Hard, Play Hard podcast, co-founder of the travel/lifestyle blog (with his wife, Kim)  Jetset Life, a chiropractor by trade, mega-successful network marketer and powerhouse coach.

In today’s episode, we talk about the importance of living our lives in all of their dimensions, why we teach what we need to learn + how to make the most out of every single day you’re given.

In this episode:

  • iTunes review of the week [ :43 ]

  • Today’s guest, Rob Murgatroyd [ 3:13 ]

  • The gifts that Rob has received as a result of honoring his desires [ 5:00 ]

  • How Rob has been able to find balance between work + play [ 7:25 ]

  • How Rob has developed his personal brand [ 11:09 ]

  • The greatest gifts of being a father [ 15:09 ]

  • How to build businesses + travel with our children [ 17:49 ]

  • What Rob teaches the most that he believes he needs to learn [ 24:01 ]

  • One of the most difficult experiences that has shaped the trajectory of Rob’s life [ 26:05 ]

  • Rob’s greatest role models [ 33:59 ]

  • Hesitations in starting a network marketing business + overcoming them [ 37:38 ]

  • How to reframe your mindset so that more income equates to more meaning [ 41:35 ]

  • Rob’s regrets [ 45:25 ]

  • The single greatest gift that Rob’s wife has ever given him [ 49:03 ]

  • What Rob would say to a former version of himself [ 55:17 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “It’s about knowing thyself.”

  • “Work Hard, Play Hard has allowed me to take a more complete view, of what I was only showing one dimension of.”

  • “We’re just laying the foundation for what we know will be useful later on.”

  • “People talk about what they’re working out.”

  • “I regret not listening to the voice God gave me… and I’m not willing to do that anymore.”

  • “Wake up to all that is your life- because it is not just sitting in front of a computer, working.”

  • “Never forget to live ALL of your life, don’t get lost in one role.”

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