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Jan 17, 2017

I had the gift (thank you to my sweet husband) of traveling for 4 days on down to Richmond, Virginia to visit with one of my best gals at her home. We had a magical visit, which included a soul fueled mastermind meet-up, a photo shoot at the iconic Quirk Hotel with the talented Kimie James of IYQ Photography and a quick bite with our amazing friends and Inspired Desires Tribe business partners. 

Rachel Camfield is a transformational life & brand coach for creative entrepreneurs. She launched her coaching business one year ago and in this episode we dove in to some of the invaluable lessons that her first year in entrepreneurship taught her, the breakdown that lead to her breakthrough 6 months in and the rebirth that lead her to more clarity and growth than ever before. We also spoke to some of the most intimate aspects of our friendship and the dynamics of competition, doing work and life together and the powerful levels of trust, truth and leaning in that have helped us expand in every aspect of our lives.


  • The top 3 lessons Rachel garnered from her first year in business.

  • How Rachel reframes her "nerves" in times of tension and fear.

  • The powerful role each of her favorite mentors and teachers have played on her journey.

  • The synchronistic way our sacred sisterhood began.

  • The role of spirituality in Rachel's life, marriage and business.

  • How deep and honest conversations inside our friendship has been a fast track to greater expansion and connection on a business and personal level.


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